Yoga Class Descriptions

Yoga Class Descriptions


Yoga Fundamentals:

If you’re brand new to Yoga, this is where your journey begins. In a safe and nurturing environment, we explore the basic postures and breathing exercises that form the foundation of a regular yoga practice. With plenty of hands-on assists focused on learning proper alignment, this class will give you confidence and knowledge on your mat. Yoga Fundamentals is recommended for beginner yoga students, those who have been away from their mat for a while and seasoned yogis seeking a refresher on alignment or simply in the mood for a slow paced and relaxing class.

Vinyasa Yoga Basics:

Discover the building blocks to a strong and safe practice with this class for those new to vinyasa flow yoga. Vinyasa style yoga links breath and movement with focus on fluid transitions as well as strength, balance and mindfulness. 

Slow Flow:

An intermediate class, slow flow is great for beginners looking to move beyond the basics and for vinyasa students who wish to slow things down a bit. This class moves slower than a traditional vinyasa class, with longer holds, focus on the breath and creative transitions. Don't be fooled, slow does not necessarily mean easier!

Yang/Yin Yoga: 

The Yang comes before the Yin in this class that begins with a dynamic vinyasa style flow to warm the body. The second half of class winds down with a leisurely Yin sequence of deep stretching and breath work, leading into an extra-long final savasana. Pure bliss!

Vinyasa Flow:

This class is best for yoga practitioners who have some experience with yoga flow, however modifications are offered for beginner and intermediate students. Vinyasa style yoga links breath and movement with focus on fluid transitions as well as strength, balance and mindfulness.

Slow Flow/Deep Stretch:

This class begins with breath work  to calm the mind and a slow flow sequence to warm the muscles in preparation for deeper postures with longer holds later in class. Great for those recovering from injuries, seeking to open the body or just looking for a "chill" yoga experience.  

Yoga on the Dock:

Enjoy your yoga with a view during the Spring, Summer and Fall as our weekend morning vinyasa classes move outside! Just steps from our studio, move through your practice as you experience all that nature has to offer. Each outdoor class is a unique and special experience. 

Candlelit Sunrise Flow:

From Fall through the winter our early morning vinyasa classes are practiced by candlelight, allowing a gentle transition into the day. Start your morning with this lovely experience for body and soul.