Yoga Classes

If you're new to yoga, returning to your practice or simply looking for a chill yoga experience with plenty of time to BREATHE, start here...

Meet Your Mat:

This class is designed to encourage you to explore the basic postures and breathing exercises that are the foundation of a strong yoga practice. Whether you are a beginner, or are looking to reconnect to your Beginner's Mind, this class will offer you the opportunity to explore poses with hands-on adjustments, ask questions, and settle into a healthy alignment.

Flow to Sleep:

Sink into the floor with creative, deep stretches that alleviate tight muscles and nurture the joints. This class winds down with a soothing, extra long savasana that is the icing on the self-care cake. 

Find your flow... Mantra's Vinyasa-style flow classes connect movement to breath while building strength, improving balance and creating new space in the body.

Free Your Flow:

Make our signature flow your signature flow. This engaging vinyasa-style class encourages all levels by offering modifications for challenging poses, and the opportunity to cultivate your own vinyasa, from Child's Pose to Chaturanga. 

Slow Your Flow:

Explore the depth of asana by engaging poses for longer, allowing time to reconnect with the breath. This looser format class encourages a deeper understanding of alignment cues by giving you the time to feel the pose in your own body.