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Mantra Owner

My Mantra is . . . Let Go

Linda discovered yoga 20 years ago when seeking a remedy to the stress of her corporate career. From her first class, she was hooked. In the years that followed, her love for yoga grew as she discovered that these postures, movements and breathing exercises are not just another form of exercise, but that they hold the key to good health, happiness and overall wellness. In 2012, Linda decided to leave the corporate world and pursue her dream of teaching Yoga and sharing what she had discovered with others. She began with a Hot Yoga certification from Yoga To The People and shortly after received her 200-hour certification from Yoga Works. Her classes are light and fun with a focus on proper alignment and breathing techniques. Linda encourages her students to never lose their beginner’s mind and to bring the lessons of self-acceptance, patience and letting go learned on their mat into their homes, workplaces and communities.



My Mantra is… Believe

Claudia came to yoga looking to help recover and strengthen her body as a compliment to distance running, but soon found that in addition to the physical benefits, yoga was gradually starting to impact her life beyond the mat as well. The more that Claudia came to embrace the connection between breath and body, she noted a shift in how she approached situations that she had previously found challenging. As her practice grew, so grew her desire to share what yoga had provided her with others. Claudia completed the Mantra 200HR RYT Yoga Alliance Training Program, and now with Vinyasa and Yin style classes, she focuses on creating a supportive environment where students are free to listen to their bodies and embrace new challenges while growing their own yoga practice.



My Mantra is . . . I believe in the good things coming

Janelle’s journey inward started 4 years ago with YouTube videos and DVDs, which grew into a dedicated practice both at home and in  studio, where she was introduced to meditation and living a holistic lifestyle. As Janelle dove deeper into her yoga practice she became hooked when she noticed the positive changes that began in both her mind and body. After becoming a certified instructor, and seeing the effect yoga had on adults, she wanted to share that with little ones as well, and has since become a certified Children’s Yoga Instructor. Janelle is  grateful to have the opportunity to share the power of yoga with her community. She hopes to show her students the divine magic that lives within them, and inspire them to continue their practice off the mat, and to keep it with them throughout their daily lives.



My Mantra is . . . Ascend

Gisele loves Aerial Fabric and anything even remotely related to it — climbing, being upside down, dance, yoga… Gisele started exploring aerial circus in 2012 in Boulder Colorado at Frequent Flyers Productions. Gisele was hooked after spending an intensive two weeks learning under contemporary circus artist, Laura Stokes, at the world-renowned Aerial Dance Festival. Gisele then moved to Vermont where she continued to train at the New England Center for Circus Arts under Cirque du Soliel’s twin duo, Serenity and Elsie Smith.  Gisele learned she loves to teach her art when she moved to Connecticut and started making friends with people at the studio. Gisele returned to NECCA for teacher certification and now teaches here at Mantra.



My Mantra is . . . Dream

Tammy began her journey as a child participating in tap, jazz, hip-hop and gymnastics. As an adult, she found a love for not only yoga but aerial arts, especially.  By discovering Mantra’s Aerial Arts, she felt a great sense of kismet! Tammy lives and breathes the benefits of aerial arts. Tammy trained under Carla Zilka and became a certified Aerial Arts instructor. Tammy is also certified in Angel Intuitive Therapy and Reiki I & II. In her free time she loves reading Tarot/Oracle cards, cycling and raising money for charity. Tammy encourages everyone to feel empowered during their practice.



My Mantra is . . . Open up to the eccentric

Ariel has been building her connection to the body through dance and athletics since the age of three. These and other styles of movement were an outlet for stress, anxiety, and through them she found clarity by way of embracing her creativity. Certified through Faith Hunter Yoga and with a degrees in Psychology & Kinesiology: Ariel strives to bring her excitement for the mind, body, spirit and soul connection, to her fun-loving, energetic Hatha Vinyasa flow. The planned and organic poetry that comes with each class is a cosmic event Ariel embraces every time. This past summer Ariel joined the ACRO Yoga Montreal family, and plans to exemplify the fluid flow of love, connection and trust and that she learned there in her AcroYoga classes at Mantra. Her focus is on sharing the energy of the universe and the divine- together on the mat, in order to build community, relations, and hearts a bit stronger- through the practice of Yoga.



My Mantra is . .Live a life less ordinary, live a life extraordinary.

Jesse took her first Aerial Silk class her junior year of college as an extra-curricular class on the weekends. She thought it would just be a cool way to work out… little did she know how much it would impact her life! She was hooked—any free time she had she was spent playing on the silks (and still is). After graduating and moving back home to Georgia, Jesse realized that she was not able to train and perform from the rural confines of the south. So, she packed up her bags and moved to the greater New York area in 2016. Here she has continued to train and perform, broadening her repertoire to include Aerial Rope and Lyra. Jesse’s enthusiasm for Aerial arts is infectious. Her classes are energetic and playful with a focus on building strength, flexibility, and confidence. Her goal is that every student leaves feeling as invigorated as she did after her first class!