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Hammock classes are similar in format to group yoga classes and students use a yoga mat beneath their hammocks. Classes begin with some quiet centering and breath work and move into a warm up and hammock flow. Class ends with a deep relaxation (savasana) in a hammock "cocoon". The use of a hammock created length in the muscles as well as strength in the upper body and core and hammock inversions are a great way to decompress the spine after a long day. 

Beginner's have many options. We periodically offer a 2-hour beginner hammock workshop called "Hello Hammock". This class is for absolute beginner's who are seeking a primer before coming in for their first regular class. Please check our workshop & events page for the latest workshop dates. We also offer weekly beginner hammock classes, as well as a restorative hammock class on Sunday afternoons, which is a great way to ease into a hammock practice. More comfortable taking a flight with friends? Book a private hammock class for up to 8 of your friends. 

If you are already comfortable in a hammock, we also offer open level classes, pop-up specialty classes as well as advanced hammock workshops. Want to take your practice higher? Book a private or duet hammock class!

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