Aerial Arts Class Descriptions


Aerial Hammock Basics:

Pre-requisites: None.

Get your aerial practice off the ground with this introductory level class for students new to aerial arts. Aerial hammocks suspend the body to lengthen and strengthen the muscles, improve posture and align the joints. This class familiarizes students with the basic grips, poses, and transitions of aerial hammock. Students will become comfortable inverting and build the strength to take their aerial practice to the next level. Each class ends with a floating meditation in your hammock cocoon. 

Aerial Hammock Intermediate: 

Pre-requisites: 4-6 Aerial Hammock Basics classes or clearance from teacher. 

An intermediate level class, recommended for students who are ready to advance their hammock practice. With the addition of fun transitions and inversions students will continue to build strength, agility, and confidence in their hammock. 

Restorative Aerial Hammock:

Pre-requisites: None.  

This class is a series of restorative postures using the hammock low to the ground as support. This allows students to soften and move more deeply into their poses. No experience necessary, just relax and enjoy!


Aerial Silks Basics:

Pre-requisites: 2 Fit-to-Fly classes or 4 or more Aerial Hammock Basics classes or clearance from a teacher.

This class, offered on our regular weekly schedule, focuses on aerial silk fundamentals. Whether you are new to silks or need to brush up on the basics, students will build the core and upper body strength that prepares them to take their practice off the ground. Areas of focus will include climbing, basic inversions, foot lock skills and hip keys. Gain the confidence to fly!

Aerial Silks Intermediate/Advanced:

Pre-requisites: Comfort with hip keys and putting on a foot lock, ability to straddle-invert from the ground and hold for 3-seconds.

This class will take your silks practice to new heights, Students will learn new wraps, transitions and sequences as well as work on the skills necessary to stay in the air. 


Fit to Fly:

Pre-requisites: None. 

A rigorous circuit conditioning class, open to all levels. Fit to Fly! builds the strength, flexibility and endurance to soar in our aerial arts classes. Students will use our aerial silks, hammocks, hoops and trapeze, as well as their own body weight to tone and lengthen muscles in new and unique ways, Get "circus strong" while doing something that feels completely different than going to the gym.  Students will also get some great tips on conditioning work they can do at home.

Circus Hoop:

Pre-requisites:  3-6 Aerial Hammock, Fit-to-Fly or Silks Basics classes or clearance from teacher. 

Fly a little higher on this beautiful classic circus apparatus! Students will learn a variety of moves focusing on correct form, safety and technique. Beginners start off learning the basics of spinning and many of the ways to lift the body onto the hoop. As students progress, they'll learn to climb, invert, roll and turn with grace and ease.