Aerial Arts Class Descriptions

Aerial Hammock Classes


Aerial Hammock for Beginners:

This is where you get off the ground. This introductory level class is for the absolute beginner to aerial arts. Aerial hammocks suspend the body to lengthen and strengthen the muscles, improve posture and align the joints. This class familiarizes students with the basic grips, poses, and transitions of aerial hammock. Students will become comfortable inverting and build the strength to take their aerial practice to the next level. Each class ends with a floating meditation in your hammock cocoon.


Aerial Hammock Open Level:

An intermediate level class, recommended for students who are ready to advance their hammock practice. With the addition of fun transitions and inversions students will continue to build strength, agility, and confidence in their hammock.


Restorative Aerial Hammock:

This class is a series of restorative postures using the hammock low to the ground as support. This allows students to soften and move more deeply into their poses. No experience necessary, just relax and enjoy





Aerial  Silks for Beginners:

For those ready to defy gravity. aerial silks are for you. More Challenging than hammocks, silks are two separate pieces of fabric that students climb, invert, balance and wrap the body with until they feel comfortable being fully suspended and supported in the air. We have created a non-competitive and welcoming atmosphere where everyone is given the chance to fly.

Aerial Silks Open Level:

Our most challenging aerial arts class. For those students who are comfortable with the basics of aerial silks, this class adds sequences, transitions and splits. We strongly recommend completing four to six aerial silks for beginners prior to progressing to open level.


Aerial Hoop (Lyra) Classes:


Aerial Hoop Open Level 

Fly a little higher on this beautiful classic circus apparatus! Students will learn a variety of moves focusing on correct form, safety and technique. Beginners start off learning the basics of spinning and many of the ways to lift the body onto the hoop. As class progresses students will learn to climb, invert, roll and turn with grace and ease.



Fit to Fly!

A rigorous circuit conditioning class, open to all levels. Fit to Fly! builds the strength, flexibility and endurance to soar in our aerial arts classes. Students will use our aerial silks, hammocks, hoops and trapeze, as well as their own body weight to tone and lengthen muscles in new and unique ways, With fun activities like 'pulling taffy', 'chandelier stretch', 'skin the cat' and 'snappy straddles', you'll forget you're even working out! Students will also get some great tips on conditioning work they can do at home.


AcroYoga Jam

Come with a friend or make some new ones with this fun and dynamic practice. AcroYoga is a combination of yoga and acrobatics in which partners elevate their connection through movement, music, and play. This workshop style class is open to all levels. Read more here...     


It's all You! Open Studio Time

With a teacher on hand to supervise, students are free to use our hammocks. silks, trapeze as well as our yoga studio and props to work independently on whatever their minds and bodies are craving.  Experienced aerial students only. All levels of yogis are welcome.