Welcome to Mantra Online!

I hope that you are all staying healthy, safe and sane! 

It's been a little over a month, since our studio was temporarily closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This closure has had a profound affect on our business financially and on myself personally, as Mantra has been my passion and focus for close to 4 years. Most of all, I truly miss seeing everyone on the mat and in the air and witnessing those magical "Mantra Moments".

To help alleviate the isolation we are all feeling and to offer a well needed mental break, we are currently offering live on-line classes via Zoom. These classes are designed to provide the same sense of togetheness and community that is experienced at the studio, with time to chat with teachers and fellow students before and after class! Please click here to find out more about these on-line offerings and to book your next class. 

See you on the mat! 

Linda (and Norton!)









Welcome to Mantra!

We are a supportive, down-to-earth community offering yoga & aerial arts classes that are accessible, affordable and open to all levels of students. At Mantra, our amazing instructors support and nurture their student’s practice, from encouraging the absolute beginner to challenging the seasoned practitioner.

Whether you are seeking the increased mindfulness, strength and flexibility gained through a regular yoga practice, or looking for the exhilaration of soaring to new heights in aerial arts, there is a place for you at Mantra.

Ground Yourself.

Fly Free.

Discover your Mantra

Discover Your Mantra, come find us at:

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